Dr. Lipton_Kindergarten class & Blood Soup

Recently, Dr. Lipton went back to Kindergarten as a guest speaker at Mrs. A’s Kindergarten class in Tenafly, NJ, where his grandson goes to school. 

The attentive class listened as Dr. Lipton discussed blood cells and their function. 

So the class could get a real “eye” on red blood cells Dr. Lipton showed the class a tube of blood.  They were able to see magnification using bubbles. 

With a microscope, the class was able to view a blood smear slide and what blood cells look like “100 times” their real size!

The highlight of Dr. Lipton’s visit was how to make “Blood Soup” while explaining each function!

All ingredients for Blood Soup are proportionate to actual blood cells.

White blood cells = regular size marshmallows

Dr. Lipton explained to the class that our White Blood Cells fight infection

Red Blood Cells = Red Hot Dollars

Red Blood Cells carry oxygen throughout our body

Platelets = Baby yellow jelly beans

Platelets Dr. Lipton explained, is what stops bleeding when you get a cut. 

The kids were eager after making blood soup to show off  their cuts and scratches to Dr. Lipton wanting to know “if there were any platelets there”…. Dr. Lipton responded with “absolutely” and could see the excitement in whom he now calls his “Mini-Fellows” eyes!

** The class took their ingredients to make “blood soup” home in a zip lock bag to get parent approval before eating it.

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